I’m a Democrat

August 11th, 2017 by Ken
(Editor’s note:  This article was originally published  on November 13th, 2016.)

I’m a Democrat.   I have been all of my adult life.  I was active and involved for more than 20 years.  In most of that time I was a Precinct Committeman.

I’m a Democrat because it is the party that cares about the working man.   It’s the party that supports the efforts of organized labor to get better working conditions for those who labor on manufacturing lines,in the mines and on the roads.   It’s  for the farmer who works from sun up to sun down to make a living for his family.   It’s the party that understands that small business is the lifeline of this country and the major employer of most working people.

That’s why I’m a Democrat.

The party that carries that name is no longer my party and hasn’t been for decades.   The party that carries the label of Democrat is not the party that echoes the reasons I’m a Democrat.   The party that carries that name is more concerned with other issues that have little or no bearing on my welfare and often works at odds to my future and my family’s future.

I’ve never been able to accomodate my beliefs to that of the Republican party which always favored big business over the working man.

The recent election has turned the parties upside down.   Do the Republicans now support the small business owner and the working stiff, or are they still partners with big business and the established elite?

And, where is my Democratic party?   Is it once and for all realizing that its core constituents of the hard working man and the small business owner may have moved to the Republicans?

I’m going to continue to be a Democrat and hope that sometime soon, my party will return to me.   Until then, I’ll just muddle through the rehetoric holding my party’s place until it comes back.

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