Small business closure affects community

June 30th, 2017 by Ken

It’s a shame when any small business has to close its doors.  It’s a shame that Olympia Mayor Cheryl Selby had to announce that her clothing store – Vivala – was going out of business in August.

Small businesses are the heart of any community.   Not only do they employ local people, but the money they make goes back into the local community in terms of wages and purchases, as well as in local taxes.

The average small business lasts about five years.  Mayor Selby’s business beat the averages.   She should be proud of her venture into the retail trade.  And, while she may not feel good about the decision to close her store – – she’s right.   You can’t run a business as a non-profit.   It was the right business decision.

As mayor of Olympia, she has some ability to influence the business climate of her city.  She pledges to continue to be a supporter of small business and I think her decision to close down, will give her a better understanding of what problems all small businesses face.

As an aside – – Lacey Councilmember Rachel Young has a business adjacent to Selby’s .  Young is surely looking at the Olympia mayor’s struggles and wondering how it impacts her and her business in downtown Olympia.

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