America’s great divide grows wider

June 21st, 2017 by Ken

The split in America isn’t between Democrats and Republicans or even between liberals and conservatives.  The split in America is nothing new.   It’s been with us since the beginning of human habitation.   It’s a split between rich and poor.

In the last presidential election, every single one of this country’s richest counties – – some 493 of them – voted for Hillary Clinton.  The other 2623 counties – mostly rural or suburban –  voted for Donald Trump.   Those are the findings of  people more versed in political  statistics than I.

Rich and poor have always been with us.   The Bible even says that we shall always have the poor.   In some forms of government, the divide between those with money and those without money is wide.  It has always been less so in the United States.  We have accepted the theory that hard work and education is the way for the poor to enter the mainstream.  And, with a little luck and even harder work – become rich.

But, for the last quarter of a century, the gap between rich and poor has widen in the United States.   Coupled with a decline in manufacturing jobs and an education system still stuck in the 18th Century, many poor and even middle class citizens, see no way for advancement to the next level of financial stability.

And, that’s the gap.   Those with money and status voted for Clinton and the status quo.   Those with little hope voted for Trump and hoped for the best.

And, that spilled over into Thurston County.  The liberal base in Olympia voted for the status quo.  Those in the rural area voted for change.   It’s a little over simplified, but it holds true.

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