It’s time to move the county seat to Lacey

June 8th, 2017 by Ken

Thurston County commissioners are looking at spending $200 million to build a new county courthouse somewhere in Olympia.   The odds on favorite place is a location in downtown Olympia – the county seat.

But, maybe it’s time to look at moving the county courthouse to Lacey.   I’m not making that suggestion lightly.   I’ve thought about it for awhile.   As long as the commissioners are going to build a new courthouse – it should be in the center of the population of the county.   It should be in Lacey.

The city is already the largest city in Thurston County – and the urban growth area of Lacey will bring the city’s population to more than 80,000 people.

Land is cheaper in Lacey.  Several locations are available and the process takes less time and money.   Lacey is the perfect location for the new Thurston County courthouse.

But, doesn’t the courthouse have to be in the county seat, you ask?    Of course it does.   But, by a simple vote of the people, the county seat can be moved to another city within the county.  It’s not an uncommon thing to do.

What about the jail?   Doesn’t it have to be in the county seat?   After all we just built a new one in Olympia/Tumwater.  Sure. It does have to be in the county seat.  But, we can give the county 25 years to transfer all of its assets to its new location in Lacey.

Lacey is a 21st Century city, with leaders who have vision.

Think about the suggestion.   It really has merit.

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