Diversity for diversity’s sake?

April 20th, 2017 by Ken

by Dale Cooper

Diversity. It’s a fine word. What would we do without it?

Gardens would be monotone. Debate would be monotonous. Sport would be superfluous. Politics would be dispensable.

However that’s not our world, nor has it ever been, either in flora or fauna. We homo sapiens are from different backgrounds, races, cultures and climates. We have different gifts, challenges, aspirations and IQs. We see life differently, honor our ancestors differently, pray differently and view the world differently.

Why? We’re all from different tribes. The history of our species has been blessed by the exchange of knowledge between tribes, but has also plagued by bloody tribal conflict … Sapien versus Neanderthal, Hun versus Han, Roman versus Carthaginian, Norman versus AngloSaxon. We’ve slaughtered each other marching to the martial drumbeats of tribes from pre-historic times … and if we ever hope to reach an era of true harmony, peace and prosperity, this tribal mentality has got to go!

This problem has plagued us since we started walking upright. If we ever hope to live together in harmony and peace we must forge one tribe out of all the many tribes that surround us. If we fail, we’ll simply witness another ugly chapter in the unending history of tribal warfare.

And that’s the tragedy of those who extol “diversity” for diversity’s sake. In doing so we’ve forsaken a couple of centuries of viewing our nation as a “melting pot” in which we’re ingredients in the same stew. It identifies us as members of groups, or tribes, rather than individuals, and it leads to no good for anyone.

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