Changing neighborhoods

April 17th, 2017 by Ken

It’s changed, this neighborhood of mine.

Gone are the tall Doug Firs which used to blot out the sky.  Gone to the windstorms of November and the chainsaws of urban foresters.  In their place are the Dogwoods, the Flowering Plum, the Japanese Maple – the people friendly trees with their splashes of spring color.

Gone as well are the two bedroom homes – with their one car garage – – replaced by the needs of growing families.  Now asphalt driveways go nowhere, cars park on the street and those garages have been turned into bedrooms and family rooms.

Gone also, are those I used to know.

Gone are the blond-haired couple who lived next door with their two blond-haired children.  Gone to new neighborhoods and new houses on cul-de-sacs with concrete lightposts and names like Avonlee, Shangrila and Heaven’s Acres.

Gone too are the couple on the other side of me – – the ones who often proved that good fences do make good neighbors.

The family that used to live across the street from me is gone as well.  I saw their children grow up from tots who rode their Big Wheel on the street – to teenagers who roared up and down the road.

The man across the back fence is still there, but he has cut down the apple trees that used to hang over my side.  Now the only thing that separates my yard from his yard is the view of his camper – – covered most of the year by a blue tarp.

New neighbors have moved in however – – of two types – – young and old.   The young ones bring enthusiasm, energy and young children – – who once again fill the streets with laughter and large smiles.

The older ones bring a sense of finality – as though they’ve settled in – and aren’t leaving.  They dig up the old lawns comprised primarily of old grass and dandelions – and replace them with new grass – dark green – and smelling sweet.   They plant Rhodies and Roses and roots – – and introduce themselves – and offer to help when they see you outside working on a project that appears too much for one.

It’s changed this neighborhood of mine.  And, when I think about what has been lost, I also think about what has been added, and I think  – this is still a pretty good neighborhood – even if there is too much sky.

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