My best day of fishing

April 9th, 2017 by Ken

I love to fish.   I haven’t done much of it lately.  My fishing seems to run in spurts.   I’ll fish everyday for one summer and then go years without fishing again.

I confine my fishing primarily to local lakes and rivers – but in my earlier years I spent a lot of time in Westport going across the bar and fishing for salmon.

I haven’t been fishing in about five years – not a single dipped line in the water.  I haven’t bought a fishing license in that long either.

I’d almost given up any thoughts of fishing.  So, imagine my surprise when my wife said she wanted to take me fishing.  Her folks own a float house on the North River on Willipa Bay, and the salmon were running according to her dad.

I complained.  I don’t have a pole and I don’t have a license.   I quit buying fishing licenses when they reached over $50.   The same time I stopped fishing.

Come on, she said.   I”ll take you out and buy you a fishing license and a new pole.   How could I resist?  We went to Cabela’s. I gave them my driver’s license, answered a couple of questions  and in a few minutes I had my fishing license.  And, get this, it only cost my wife $15.  I had a reduced fee because I was over the age of 70.  Great so far.

Then we went into the fishing section, where Bill waited on us.  My wife told him she wanted a good pole with a good reel – – and all the stuff that goes with it.

Bill said he had never met a woman who encouraged her husband to buy more fishing gear.

So, after considerable money, we left the store and the next day we went to our fishing spot.

After five hours of fishing – – three of them trying to untangle my fishing line – –  I got a bite.  Never landed a single fish.

Best day of my life.

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