How to have good luck

March 13th, 2017 by Ken

Ever notice how some people just have good luck.  How, everything they do seems to turn out just right.  Do some people really live with good luck, or does something else play a role?

I’ve always believed that people make their own luck.   And, to help you better understand how they do it, I offer these words of advice.

Luck is nothing more than taking advantage of opportunities.   First, you have to be aware when an opportunity comes your way.  Not everyone can do that.   You need to have a broad range of knowledge.  You have to have a broad range of interests. And you have to have a broad range of friends.  Those things give you more opportunities.   The greater your involvement in the community the greater your range of opportunities.

You also have to have to take advantage of an opportunity when it comes along.  A positive attitude helps.  Negativity won’t get you ahead.   You can’t wait for others to take the lead.  You have to do it.  In other words, when you recognize an opportunity, jump at it.  Take the chance.   Leave your fears behind.  It’s tough sometime to let loose of your past, but you need to move before someone jumps in front of you.

But you also have to have the flexibility to take advantage of the opportunity.  Too many people are tied down to their current situation or to their current job and aren’t in a position to take advantage of an opportunity when it comes around.  Don’t take on the purchase of a new house, a new car or credit card debt.   These all tie you down and make it more difficult to give up the security when an opportunity comes.   Marriage and children also have to wait.

So, if you want to be lucky, have many experiences and make friends with many people.   Recognize an opportunity when it comes, then take advantage of it.   Soon people will say “He’s a lucky guy (or gal).”


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