Why I’m running for the Lacey City Council

March 3rd, 2017 by Ken

It’s true.   I’m running for a position on the Lacey City Council.

It’s been 30 years since I last sought a seat on the Lacey City Council.   At that time I didn’t make it past the primary election.  This time around I hope to make it a little further.

Current Councilmember Jeff Gadman has resigned his seat effective March 9.  He has been appointed to serve as Thurston County Treasurer, and while he wasn’t required to give up his council seat, he felt that he shouldn’t serve in two elective positions at the same time.

The Council has 90 days to appoint someone to fill his empty seat.   They will hold a work session next week to determine just how that will happen.   In the past, the Council has advertised the open seat and asked Lacey residents to apply.   Those who did  were interviewed and one was selected to serve the remainder of time left.   Whoever was selected had to run for election to the seat at the next election.

The Council is not bound by previous actions, but I suspect they’ll do something similar.

I intend to seek appointment to the open seat.   And, I plan to run for election to that seat whether or not I get the appointment.  I have filed the necessary paperwork and have begun seeking support and endorsement.   As of this posting, two others have also announced.  I suspect that many others will do so once the opening is posted by the city.

The question was asked of me the other day “Why now?”   After 30 years, why have I decided I wanted to serve on the Lacey City Council.   Others have said that I have more influence with this blog than anyone else.  Why do I want to give up that power?

I’ve given the answer a lot of thought.   I love this city.   I’ve spent most of my adult life trying to give this city a sense of self worth and help it create an identity.   I’ve criticized city government when I thought it was wrong.   I’ve made suggestions and comments on how it should be operated.    I’ve expressed my opinion about the city’s future in many different ways.

But, expressing your opinion and making suggestions isn’t the same as being able to get things accomplished.  You’ve got to be inside the tent if you want to make changes.   I want to be inside the tent.   I want to be in a position where I can make this city I love, a better place.

Over the last decade, I’ve had a lot of contact with the people who run Lacey’s city government.  Not just those in elective positions, but also the staff and administrators  that make the city run.  They’re dedicated people who do a good job.  I’ve come to know them better.  I’ve served on the Historical Commission and am currently the chair of the Lacey Parks Board.   In addition I just spent the past year involved with helping celebrate Lacey’s 50th birthday including giving more than a dozen talks on Lacey’s history.

So the answer to “Why now” is simple.   It’s time for me to take my love of this city and my desire to see it become the jewel of Southwest Washington to the next level.   That can only be done by helping make policy that moves us forward and makes Lacey a great place to live, work and thrive.

In the near future I will have a web page up that spells out in more detail what I hope to accomplish as a member of the Lacey City Council.   And, like all politicians running for office, I would appreciate your vote when the time comes.

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