Troubled, sad and scared

February 15th, 2017 by Ken

Our new State Representative from the 22nd District Beth Doglio has sent a letter to her constituents  spelling out her main priority for this legislative session.   Fighting Donald Trump.

She said, “The recent actions of our current president are deeply troubling.   Almost daily news accounts of his discriminatory policies have left me scared and saddened.  But, when we are troubled and scared, and sad, we join together and fight for our rights.

“I’m proud of Governor Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson challenging the issuance of Trumps’ most egregious executive order yet, the one that restricts refugees and immigrants from certain Muslim countries.  As you are well aware, Washington has successfully battled this issue in court and WON on two occasions.

“My colleagues and I are standing together against the moral and legal injustices brought by this administration.   As a first step all 74 Democrats of the House and Senate signed on to a letter to President Trump opposing his executive order.  You can follow what’s happening with the executive lawsuit.  In the coming weeks we will continue to take action to make sure Washington remains the state that welcomes people.   I welcome your thoughts.”

Here are my thoughts.  With so many important issues facing our state and the state legislature, I’m very happy that my freshman representative in Olympia is looking out for my interests in Washington DC – even if she is troubled, scared and sad.

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