Leave the crap alone

February 13th, 2017 by Ken

How are we ever going to know when something really important emanates from President Trump’s White House?

For the last three weeks, the media has spent 24-hours a day documenting every mistake, misstep and misstatement coming from the staff, flunkies, hangerons and spokesman for the president of the United States.   Every event, no matter how small, has caused the news media to break into newscasts with an “Extra” broadcast or “Important Event” occurrence.

Like most Americans, we’ve grown so used to Trump non-news that we no longer hear, understand or care about the latest news bulletin.  It’s now just white noise that echos in the background.

So, I have to ask – – when are we going to know when something really important and significant happens?   When will the national media concentrate on the stories that impact us?   This constant harping on day-to-day activities at the White House seems like a significant waste of time and the attention of the public.

Lets leave the crap stuff for the crap media and lets hope the national media knows the difference.

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