Where is our sewage going to go?

February 10th, 2017 by Ken

(Editor’s note:  Occasionally I’ll pull out a commentary that ran several years ago as a review of where we were and how we got to where we are.   This is a re-run.)

Originally aired on October 1, 1996

It’s time to talk about sewage.   At least your local elected officials think its time to do so.   Tomorrow night, the LOTT partners will hold a public meeting to elicit your comments on a proposed course of action.  Because, we’ve just about run out of place to put our sewage.

We all produce sewage and it all has to go somewhere.   The LOTT partners have come up with several alternatives that will cost money – – as much as $80 per month

There are nine alternatives under consideration.  They’re complicated and they’re expensive.   They call for among other things – – reducing water use and consequently increasing sewer plant capacity.  Building a new sewage plant somewhere.   Cleaning it up and putting it back into the ground.  And my personal favorite – – pumping our sewage to Pierce County and letting them take care of it.

The costs run into the hundreds of millions of dollars and will be paid for by us, the sewer and water users – – and possibly by those who are on septic systems.

Our elected officials have been wrestling with the problem for years.   Now, it’s your turn.  The LOTT partners want to hear from you at the open house, tomorrow at Lacey City Hall beginning at 5:30 p.m.   Plan to attend.  Your purse, pocketbook and wallet will be affected by the outcome.

(The eventual plan was to increase plant capacity and to treat the sewage and pump it back into the ground.    A multi-million dollar study is currently underway to determine what has been pumped into the ground and just where it goes.)

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