Changes coming to Olympia’s downtown

February 2nd, 2017 by Ken

Downtown Olympia is undergoing a renaissance, according to Renee Sunde, the economic development director for the City of Olympia.  Several new projects are underway or completed, which demonstrate that the city is on the rebound.

Sundee pointed to the 123 4th Avenue building as an example.    This four story apartment complex has 138 new units.  “The building is 70 percent occupied,” Sunde said.   She also pointed out that rates are a little higher than market rate. “They all have great amenities and great views,” she said.

Other residential properties include 321 Lofts with 36 apartments and Campus Loft with 43 units.  All of them market rate housing.   In addition, Bill Frank Jr. Place on State Street will have 43 affordable units for homeless vets and disabled customers.

Sunde pointed out that growth projections show that downtown Olympia itself will have 5000 more residents within the next few years while the City of Olympia as a whole will have 20,000 new residents.

And, while Millenniums are moving into the cities, Sunde said that Boomers are also selling their suburban homes and moving into urban areas.  “They’re tired of taking care of a house and a yard,” She said.

The complete interview with Renee Sunde can be accessed by clicking on the Coffee With Ken button at the top.   At the end of the interview you can watch a short video (below) showing some of the projects she talked about.

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