Trump’s appointees are change agents

January 18th, 2017 by Ken

I’ve been watching the Senate hearings on President-elect Donald Trump’s nominees for the various cabinet positions.   If you haven’t taken an hour or so to do it – you’re missing an opportunity to see just how upset Democrats are for losing the election.

Many of his nominees have never held public office before.  Many of them are rich and are millionaires or billionaires.  Some of them have railed against government and government over-reach.   It’s for those reasons that the Democrats find them unsuited to run government agencies.  For them, the old cliche holds true – it’s like putting the fox in charge of the hen house.

But, Donald Trump ran on a platform to change the way government operates.   You don’t make change by appointing those who have benefited from the old revolving door.   Only those with new ideas can make change.

A good example of this is Betsy DeVos, Trump’s choice to be Education Secretary.  She married into money and her family is the heir to the Amway fortune.  DeVos has never been a teacher, never worked in education and never managed a government agency with a billion dollar budget.  The National Education Association – the group which controls the Democratic Party – finds her lack of public education experience the reason she should be rejected.

But, DeVos has been a strong advocate for parental control of education and favors vouchers that would allow students to attend any school of their choice – private, religious or public.  She has spent a good part of her life working for public choice.  If, as it is said, our public schools are failing then the only way to make change is for someone from outside the education field.

DeVos is just one of many of Trump’s appointees who have been critical of the agencies they are seeking to run.

Change really can’t come from the inside.   Change can only come from outsiders.  Donald Trump is the agent of change.   His appointees tell us that.


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