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January 10th, 2017 by Ken

According to the National Association of Liars Club (NALC) , this is National Tell a Lie Week.  Its purpose is to educate people on how to tell a lie.

We all lie, every single one of us.  Some of us lie so often that we don’t realize we’re doing it.   Some lie so infrequently that they can still remember their first lie.   But, we all lie.

We lie for many reasons.  Some of us lie to make ourselves feel better.  Some of us lie to make others feel better.  Some of us lie to avoid conflict or to avoid being held responsible.   Some of us lie just because it seemed like a good idea at the time.

The NALC wants to let you know there are some rules to telling lies and have created a list of how to lie.

First – Does the lie have an element of truth?   In order for a lie to be believable it has to have some connection to the truth.   You can’t say “The sky is falling” if it doesn’t have some connection to the truth.   But, you can say “The sky is falling” if something is falling from the sky, like an old satellite.   Then you have an element of truth.

Second – The lie must be believable.   You can’t say you’ve climbed Mt. Everest if you haven’t even climbed a mountain before.   But, if you’ve climbed Mt. Rainier, you can tell people you’ve climbed Mt. Everest.   It’s believable because it’s within your context to have done so.

Third – Can you remember it?  That’s often the hardest part about a lie.  Can you remember it?  Police often catch people in a lie because they can’t remember what they told them.

Fourth – Is it deniable?  Can you say “I never said that,” and have people reasonably conclude that someone like you would never have said such a thing.

And finally Fifth – Does it make someone feel better?  We often call these white lies because they cause no harm and because it makes people feel good.   We can’t tell people they’re too fat, so we lie.

Those are all the elements you need to tell a lie this week.    And, I’ve already told mine, because there is no such thing as the National Association of Liars Clubs.  It’s just my way of getting you to read this article.

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