Bicycle vs Car – who wins?

January 2nd, 2017 by Ken

A bicyclist was struck and killed New Years Eve while riding his bike on US 2 in Spokane.   Why am I writing about an accident in Spokane?   Because it could just as well of happened right here in Thurston County.     I have no figures on how many bike/car accidents occur in our community every year.   What I do know, is that whenever a car and a bicycle collide, the bicycle and the rider always come out worse than the car and driver.

I’ve been saying for years that cars and bikes don’t belong on the same streets.   I don’t care about legally or morally or any other reason.   When a bike and a car hit each other, the bike always gets the worse of it.

Build bike trails away from city streets.   But, don’t keep building them on the same roads that cars drive.

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