Democrats appear to be running scared

December 28th, 2016 by Ken

The Thurston County Democratic Central Committee is looking for a new home – because their current meeting space is controlled by “REPUBLICANS”.

That’s right, the Democrats, which have met at the Thurston County Courthouse for several years, are seeking new digs because of the election of two Independents to the county commission.

In its weekly newsletter to its members, Chair Katie Nelson said: “Due to concerns about having meetings in a facility controlled by Republicans and to make sure we always have enough room for everyone to sit, we are looking at new venues for our regular meetings.”

Perhaps the Democrats think that Gary Edwards, Bud Blake or John Hutchings might slip into one of their meetings.  Or, perhaps they may send one of their personal assistance to partake.   Or maybe they think the meeting room is bugged.  or maybe they’re just being cautious.

No matter how much they want to make them into Republicans – – Blake, Edwards and Hutchings are Independent conservatives.  Bear in mind that five of the county elected officials are registered Democrats.  And they have their offices at the courthouse.

Possibly the Democrats may be more confortable among their friends.  Perhaps the Chinook Uniserve Council has meeting space available.   Or, I’m certain, the Washington Education Association might find them some room.  Maybe they’d be better off at St. Peter’s mental health wing to help them with their paranoia.

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