Trump’s election has forced me to watch Fox News

December 16th, 2016 by Ken

I’ve never listen to Rush Limbaugh.   Until recently, I seldom watched Fox News.  I was always a mainstream media type.

I watch ABC, NBC and CBS news.   I watched all of the mainstream media Sunday morning talk shows.   On occasion I watched CNN if there was breaking news that the networks weren’t following yet.

But, the election of Donald Trump has changed all of that.  While I still watch the network news shows, I don’t do it as often as I used to.  I find myself watching Fox News almost on a regular basis now.   The reason is very simple – – the network news channels have not been able to grasp the “differences” that Donald Trump brings to the presidency.

Trump is not a politician.  He’s never held public office before.  He’s never been held to the same scrutiny that most national politicians have been forced to meet.   He’s different.   And the national news media doesn’t understand that.

He makes broad statements, rethinks, restates and changes his mind.   News flash – – that’s what most people do when they’re arguing or making a point.   Their comments haven’t been vetted by a roomful of media and PR people.

That drives the network news people crazy.  They hang on every word, destruct every syllabal and go over every dotted i.  They think they’re dealing with a professional politician and can’t make sense of what he says because he thinks and talks like the average person.  (Of course he’s not an average person, but he talks like it.)

It’s his business dealings and his company that gives them fits.   Trump and his business can’t be separated.   He’s never held public office before.  He’s never had to set aside his business dealings for a politicial office.   I don’t think the two can be separated.   The Trump brand is his brand.   He’s never going to be able to divest himself from his name and his trademark.

The best we can hope is that he leaves the day-to-day running of his business to his children and concentrates on running the country.    That, of course, is going to drive the mainstream media types crazy.  They’re going to find conflict of interest charges in every thing he does.   And, while it may appear to be a conflict of interest in the old politicial sense – – it’s not.

So, I watch Fox News now.  While the other networks try to hold him to the traditional politicial standards, Fox News talks about the positive aspects of his pending presidency.   That’s what I want to hear about.   The negative news coming from the major networks doesn’t make any sense.

But, I still don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh.  Can’t stand the guy.

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