You can learn a lot about America in Las Vegas

December 13th, 2016 by Ken

You can learn a lot about this country by going to Las Vegas, particularly if the National Finals Rodeo is in town.

Tens of thousands of cowboys,  farmers, ranchers, blue collar workers of all kind make this gambling den in the desert  a microcosm of flyover country – – at least for the ten days the rodeo’s in town.

They were all there – – ranchers with thousand of acres of land, farmers with tons of expensive machinery on the books, workers on oil wells from Dakota to Odessa and those that just still cling to their guns and bibles.   Not only does the rodeo start each night with the National Anthem but also with a prayer.

A cotton farmer told me that he has lost $500,000 a year for the last two years, because of the import of cheap cotton from overseas.   He’s a Trump supporter.   A dry land farmer in New Mexico (the only kind) said that fighting environmentalists for water is a constant struggle in his line of work.    The cheap oil prices had driven several of the Texas and Oklahoma workers to the edge of bankruptcy.   They all hope that President Donald Trump sticks to his guns and puts American jobs and America first.

Even the dealers in the casinos, from every country in the world, had come to America for a better life.   Despite what you’ve been told, many of them voted for Donald Trump, because this is their country and they want to make it strong again.

You can learn a lot about America in Las Vegas and you can learn a lot about politics.   All you have to do is talk with people.

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