Port commissioner defends Marine Terminal

December 7th, 2016 by Ken

(Editors note:  I received the following email from Olympia Port Commissioner Bill McGregor following the publishing of my article regarding the closure of the Marine Terminal at the Port of Olympia)


In reading the article, I feel compelled to provide correct misinformation that continues to be put out to the general public.

First, the Marine Terminal provides more than a few LOCAL jobs in the handling of the various cargoes – – there are at least 564 jobs associated with the marine terminal.

Second, more than 80 percent of the 35 longshore personnel employed at the Port of Olympia live in Thurston County, while they may take jobs out of town at times, their families and homes are here.  The remaining live in Mason, Lewis and Pierce counties.

Third, many truck drivers come from the local areas of Rainier, Tenino, Bucoda, Yelm – – and VERY few come from “all over Western Washington.”

The Port as a whole relies on property taxes to sustain all of the Port’s 4 lines of business.   The Marine Terminal operation in 2016 is projected to generate  a surplus of $135,000, after all expenses are subtracted.   The deficit shown is a result of the depreciation which brings the operating income/(Loss) to a negative $1,425,000.

Now, lets look at the fiscal impact on the positives of having the Marine Terminal.  Those jobs generate $52,600,000 in personal income (average $62,249/year which is above the Thurston County Average Salary as published by the Bureau of Statistics), $33,000,000 in Business Revenue, $4,900,000 in state and local taxes, and $9,600,000 in Federal tax Revenues.

So, the return to this county, state and Federal Governments far exceeds the negative figure caused by the depreciation figure listed.

For more information on just the Marine Terminal benefits or to find out the impat of all four lines of business, check out “the Economic Benefits to the Port of Olympia” found on our website.


Bill McGregor

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