It’s not the Evergreen way

November 21st, 2016 by Ken

At its most recent meeting, The Evergreen State College’s Board of Trustees found itself over-whelmed by dozens of screaming, yelling protestors with bull horns, demanding – – well, no one’s quite sure, but they were vocal and adamant about something.  The trustees adjourned the meeting and left the room to the protestors.

Word that a handful of Greeners including a professor or two, were involved in last weeks Anti-Fracking protest should have come as no surprise.  That’s what young students and old professors do – – protest.   It’s the college way.  A few years back, Greeners and their professors were involved in Anti-Military protests at the Port of Olympia.   That’s what young students and Boomer professors do – protest.

Evergreen is no stranger to protests.  During its first year, when dedication ceremonies were planned, students and faculty were incensed over Nixon’s invasion of Cambodia and the killing of students at Kent State.  Plans to disrupt the dedication were eventually scaled back and everyone participating in the ceremony wore black arm bands instead.   That was to become the Evergreen Way – peaceful protests – non-violence – – until recently that is

When you have a Four-Year State College in your town, you have to expect that students will protest something.  They’re almost driven by their youth to solve the problems of the world and cure the ills of society.

Recently those protest have become more vocal and tinged with a bit of violence.   Maybe it echos our modern day society – – but it sure isn’t the Evergreen way.

(Editor’s note:   I was a student at Evergreen in its first  few years of operation.)

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