Does “The Olympian” really want diverse viewpoints?

November 15th, 2016 by Ken

The Olympian is looking for citizen members to join its editorial board for the coming year.   If you’re interested you can send your letter of intent and resume to the paper.

Last year the paper also asked for citizen members to apply for the editorial board.   When they didn’t get applicants they wanted, they appealed again.  So, I submitted my resume and letter of interest.   It was particularly important because I knew they would make endorsements for the many political positions up this year.

I didn’t hear from them – not even a rejection letter – so I called and talked with Brad Shannon.   I also made inquiries through other means.   No decision was made.   The paper would go without a citizen member.   And, consequently we got the same left-leaning editorials and endorsements that the paper always makes.   And, as usual, the paper once again showed how out-of-touch it is with the people of Thurston County.

This year it is once again looking for people to serve on its editorial board.   We have many local offices up for election this time around, and we will have major city initiatives on the ballot as well.   If you’re interested in having a say in the future of our communtity – apply for the position.

I already have.   The Olympian knows my interest.   If it truly wants diverse views, then I’m still available.

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