Don’t vote

November 7th, 2016 by Ken

That’s right.   Don’t vote.   If you haven’t voted by now, chances are you don’t really care about the election.

Oh, I’m certain you care about the presidential race, but other than that, you don’t really care whose going to hold the rest of the elective offices – – because, if you had – – you would have voted by now.

That’s the beauty of our Vote by mail system in place here in Washington .  We have more than two weeks to cast our ballots.  Surveys have shown that those who have deep feelings about the election – vote within a few days after receiving the ballot.   A few more will trickle in – and by the last weekend before Tuesday’s dealine, most people will have voted.

So, if you wait until election day, that means you have no great concern and that you have little or no idea of what you’re voting for.   You are what I call – the ignorant voter.   You vote because you feel guilty if you don’t – – or you vote because you think it’s your duty – and you have to vote.  Either way, you’re voting out of ignorance and you cause more harm than good.

You’re the reason we get the elected officials we get.

So, don’t vote.  Your vote will do nothing but harm our elective process and give us poor elected officials.

But – – if you feel you have to vote for whatever reason – – read the posts on my blog.   Maybe you’ll learn something and you won’t be quite as ignorant.



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