The Dark side of the state initiatives

November 5th, 2016 by Ken

We’ve been bombarded with television ads telling us how good passage of various state initiatives will be for our future health and well-being.   But, what these TV spots don’t tell you is the dark side.  Here are the facts.

Commercials for Initiative 1464 say it would stop elected officials from becoming lobbyists and make certain everyone knows who pays for political advertising.    What it doesn’t say is that it taxes businesses to publically fund all candidates for election.   By changing the tax structure, it gives $250 of public money to every voter – who can then give it to the candidate of his/her choice.  It’s a law that changes our entire election structure.

Initiative 732 tells the biggest lies of all.   Supporters claim the measure would reduce the effects of global warming by taxing big polluters.  What it really does is the raise the price of gasoline by 25 to 30 cents a gallon and increases the prices of everything we buy.  It won’t do a single thing to reduce global warming.   It’s a “feel good” measure which is designed to make us think we’re doing something, when all we’re doing is increasing the cost of living.

Initiative 735 is an attempt by liberal Democrats to overturn a Supreme Court ruling regarding political campaign contributions.   It does nothing but asks Congress to substitute its wisdom for that of the Court.

Supporters of Initiative 1433 want to increase the state minimum wage to $13.50 an hour.   They say its good for everyone and good for the economy.  The fact is that increasing the minimum wage to that extent, will increase the number of people who lose their jobs, particularly those with no job skills and no work history.  It will also require ALL businesses to fund a health care plan, thus propping up the failing Obamacare.

Initiative 1491 is  featuring a heart-wretching story about a mentally ill person who was able to buy a gun and shoot himself and his sister.   The story is hard to watch.   The Initiative will allow household members to get a restraining order to stop a family member from buying a gun.   It has good intentions, but it’s too broad and is just another nail in the Second Amendment.

The biggest farce of all is Initiative 1501, which claims to protect vulnerable people from predators, but is really an attempt by government unions to get around the Public Records Act.   It wants to keep union membership lists secret and away from the prying eyes of the public.   If this is to pass, it will make the Public Records Act moot.

The best thing to do is vote No on all the self-serving and so-called “citizen” initiatives.

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