Halloween has changed

October 31st, 2016 by Ken

Ghoolies and Ghosties and all kinds of Beasties – – and Things that go Bump – in the Night.

That’s what Halloween conjures up.   Images of ghosts, of monsters, of the undead – or the newly dead, walking the upper world.   Witches, demons and the Devil all have their places in the celebration we call Halloween, a holiday that dates back to the ancient Druids who celebrated the day as Sal-N and dedicated it to the god of death.

In an effort to convert the island people, Christianity took it over about 430 AD and renamed the holiday All Hallows Eve which was the evening before celebrating the death of Christian martyers.

It gradually found its way to our shores and in the middle of the 20th Century became a major holiday.   As children, Boomers took to the day and as they became adults continued to celebrate Halloween.   Today, more than a Two Billion dollars will be spent on candy and another Billion and a Half on costumes.

But, the holiday has changed.

Gone are the ghosts and the monsters and the devil.   Replaced by rock stars, Disney characters and even political candidates.   All religious connection to he holiday have been lost.   It’s now a time to gather together and enjoy the creativity of your friends and neighbors and rejoice in the fruits of your life.

And things that go bump in the night might well be politicians asking for your vote.

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