Keep fireworks legal in Tumwater

October 19th, 2016 by Ken

Several years ago, voters in Lacey, by a narrow margin, banned private fireworks.   A couple of years later, Olympia voters followed suit.   Last year, Thurston County Commissioners were considering a ban on all fireworks in the county, but a large turnout of firework supporters forced the commissioners to back off.   Private fireworks are still legal in all county land.

Now, voters in Tumwater have a proposition on the ballot that will ban all private firworks in that community.  Tumwater voters should say No on Proposition 1.   There is nothing more American than fireworks on the Fourth of July.   One of our founding fathers, John Adams, said the day should be celebrated with illunations all over the land.   He didn’t say that fireworks should be used only with government approval.

Tumwater has billed itself as America’s First Community in Washington.   It has a great Fourth of July parade each year.   It would seem to me that now is the time for the residents of Tumwater, to step forward and assert their rights as Americans to celebrate the holiday in their own way.

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