What is – quality of life?

October 12th, 2016 by Ken

Those opposed to growth in the South Sound area often cite – quality of life – as their reason for opposing growth.   And, quality of life is one of the reasons many of us chose to live at the tip of Puget Sound.

When it comes to – quality of life – they talk about the natural beauty that surrounds us.  They talk about the clean air.   They talk about the trees and they talk about water.

But, they have a very narrowly defined definition of – quality of life.

Quality of life can also be defined as affordable housing, personal and community safety, good educational facilities and affordable medical care.    None of those can come about without allowing people freedom without the interference of undo government restrictions on private property and business operations.    Government cannot function without private enterprise providing jobs and tax revenue.

The next time someone objects to business growth on the basis of – quality of life – – ask what  – quality of life – they refer to.  Help them expand their horizons.

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