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September 22nd, 2016 by Ken

I had to go to Charleston, South Carolina last week for a national conference (as a spouse).   I was surprised to see that Alaska ran a non-stop flight out of SeaTac to Charleston every day, and a flight back.   I was pleased to be able to book it since I am a regular Alaska flier.

It wasn’t until I was in Charleston for a few days that I realized why Alaska has such flights.   Boeing has built a new plant in Charleston.  That plant is open and employs about 7000 people, making it the largest employer in the Charleston area, and maybe in the entire state.

In additon to spending hundreds of millions of dollars to build a new manufacturing facility, Boeing apparently has helped local government expand and enlarge its airport.   Boeing needs to get its new planes to its customers, and needs to have regular flights from SeaTac to bring in needed advice and support.  It has a good working relationship with Alaska.

Our United States Senator Maria Cantwell has supported tax breaks for Boeing to keep much of its manufacturing in Washington.   I suspect that South Carolina’s senators are also looking at what is necessary to keep Boeing functioning in their state.

You can learn a lot by tslking with taxi cab drivers.

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