Who are “The Deplorables”

September 15th, 2016 by Ken

Half of Donald Trump’s supporters are racists, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic.   Half.  That’s what Hillary Clinton said the other day.   Which half are you in?   While the Democratic Nominee for president went on to correct herself and said she regreted saying “half” – implying that Trump supporters are all those phobics – she just doesn’t know in what numbers.

She called them “The Deplorables.”

What she really meant was that Trump supporters were not part of the Eastern establishment elite – an employee of local, school, state or federal government – or a student activist in college.   What she really wanted to say, is that the hard-working Americans in the rural areas of our country are ready for their chance to seek the Brass Ring – and the establishment won’t let them.   If you want to stop your opponent from winning – call his supporters racists or sexist.

It’s time for a change in this country.   It’s time to reboot our government.   To do so would take an “outsider”, someone not of those elitist groups I mentioned.

I would have prefered someone from the Middle West, a successful business person.  Someone with credentials as caring and concered about our country.

I’m stuck with Donald Trump.

Trump is an insider’s outsider.   A billionaire from New York City.   His concern for the working poor of this country stops at the gate of his many businesses.   He’s not my idea of a person who will shake up the establishment and create a new climate of hope and aspiration.

But he’s all that we have.

The question on every voter’s mind is this – – should we continue with the same government policies of the past by voting for Hillary Clinton.   Or should we take a chance on an insider outsider who is already making changes  in the way elections are run and who threatens to make even more changes when he’s elected?

I know where I stand.  If you want to know, read the section above called About.


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