State Capitol Campus is a disgrace

September 12th, 2016 by Ken

When is the last time you visited the state capitol campus?  When is the last time you took visitors to the campus and pointed with pride the beauty and grandeur?   Some of us have noted the deterioration of the campus over the last few years.

Lets point out some of the problems.    The Tivoli Foundation hasn’t worked in years.   The Department of Enterprise Services (GA) says it will cost more than a million dollars to fix it, and so they let it sit just like an old car which appears too costly to repair.   The old state greenhouse is empty, closed and derelict.  At one time tourists by the thousands flocked to the greenhouse to view the native  and exotic plants.   Now it’s like an abandoned mansion in a street of expensive houses.

The grass isn’t mowed as often and weeds are growing in the Rose Garden.   And, to top it off, the Capitol Dome is black, dirty and needs cleaning badly.   We also have to question what happens with the GA building once it’s vacated.

How can the state spend millions of dollars to build new buildings, but is unable to come up with money to make the Capitol Campus attractive and inviting to visitors and locals alike?    We need a new set of priorities when it comes to capital projects.  Among those priorities is rennovating our formerly beautiful campus.


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