Labor and politics – an American solution

September 2nd, 2016 by Ken

This is Labor Day weekend.   This is the time when we honor the American labor movement for its efforts to improve the working conditions of all those who work hard for a living.

There was a time in this country, when working people were considered just another piece of equipment for the monopolies which ran American business.   They were as replaceable as another part on the machine.  Business was supported in this philosophy by government and by the courts.   Labor was just a cog in the machinery of business.

It took a century of vicious, brutal struggle in which thousands of workers died before organized labor became a significant and important part of the American capitalistic system.   And, that was only because World War Two needed the labor and government was forced to recognize organized labor unions.

Over the decades since, organized labor has suffered blow after blow – – not from the government or the courts – – but from American workers, who decided they no longer needed a union.   Then, as the blue collar jobs started leaving this country for cheaper labor overseas – – the organized labor unions saw significant decline in membership and a decline in their power.

They searched around, and found new power in white collar workers.   Most of them government employees.   Teachers, state workers, government employees now make up nearly 60 percent of organized labor members.   And because of the union’s access to government – – it has taken over one of our major political parties – – the Democrats.

The Democratic party should be called the Labor party.

And, now that it has control of the political landscape – – organized labor is doing something else.  It is using the Democrats to push its agenda – to once again – – organize those employees of business.

The push for a $15 minimum wage in Seattle and elsewhere has one caveat.   If the company joins the union, then the minimum wage law will not apply.  That’s right.   You heard me.   The union is using government power to force businesses to unionize.    The fight currently going on in Seattle over “Predictive Scheduling” is the same fight.   If a company allows its employees to unionize, then the law that may soon be passed by the Seattle City Council wouldn’t apply to them.

Unions have found that power no longer grows from the barrel of a gun or from strikes and sit-in’s – – but from controlling a political party.

That’s what we celebrate this weekend.

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