Inslee plays the Trump card

August 31st, 2016 by Ken

I get the feeling that Governor Jay Inslee is concerned about the upcoming plebiscite on his four years in office.  Voters don’t seem too happy with what he’s done during his first term of office and showed it at the polls during the Primary Election.   The incumbent governor didn’t crack the 50 percent ceiling, although he did come close.   Inslee received just 49.3 percent of the vote.   Not a mandate for continuing to serve.

But, the incumbent governor showed even greater concern in his recent fund-raising letter.

He attributed his Republican opponent Bill Bryant’s good showing to Super PAC’s who were trying to buy the election.   Bryant pulled in 38 percent of the vote – a good showing for a Republican in Washington.

In his fund-raising letter to partisan Democrats, Inslee said he wasn’t concerned with how much money Bryant raised, but where he got his money from.  The governor said his opponent got his money from the same millionaires and billionaires who are backing Donald Trump.

The governor is obviously concerned about his record because he played the Trump card.

The governor’s race should be decided on how well Inslee performed in the last four years – – not who’s at the top of the Republican ticket.  If voters are satisfied with Inslee’s four years as governor, then by all means, return him to office.  If not, then give someone else the chance.


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