Is the “Bountiful Byway” a tourist attraction?

August 30th, 2016 by Ken

During my recent travels around Thurston County, I’ve seen the signs, and I’ve been asked about it.  But  I have little information or knowledge about the  “Bountiful Byway”.

If you aren’t familiar with the term “Bountiful Byway” then you’ll fit right in with the majority of residents of Thurston County.

The way I understand it, the bountiful byway was an effort on behalf of the Thurston County Commissioners to use the county’s many rural farms and protected areas to draw tourists and visitors.  The byway is a 60-mile drive around the county, which visits natural areas such as McLane Creek Nature Trail and the Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually Wildlife Refuge, as well as farms, wineries and distilleries.

The effort has been going on for at least four years, and to date I haven’t heard any results as to the effectiveness of getting greater participation from visitors to the county.

While some staff time and taxpayer money has been going into this project, I think anything that draws attention to the rural areas of our county are worthwhile.

I just think expecting a “Bountiful Byway” to become a tourist attraction is just – – silly.

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