I feel sorry for Colin Kaepernick

August 29th, 2016 by Ken

San Francisco 49’er’s quaterback Colin Kaepernick’s decision to stay seated while the National Anthem is played is the protest of a young man attempting to draw attention to problem.  I hope he gave a great deal of thought before he made his statement of protest, because it may backfire on him.

Kaepernick is a mixed race man who said he was protesting the oppression of black people and people of color in the United States.  He was refering particularly to recent police actions when confronting unarmed black men.

By refusing to stand during the playing of the National Anthem he drew attention to himself and to his protest in a big way.  Football and the National Anthem go together.   It’s a great platform to draw attention to a problem.   Karpernick did that.

He has said he will continue to sit during the National Anthem.   I have to ask – – for what purpose?   How long will he continue to sit?   The problem he wants addressed will not go away anytime soon.   Will he sit for the rest of his football career?   A bigger question is whether or not other players will join him and refuse to stand during the playing of the National Anthem?

I admire him for drawing attention to the problem.

But if he continues his protest, his time in the NFL will be shorter than it should.  He will also lose endorsement money.

Karpernick has said he doesn’t care.   “I stood up for what is right.”

There’s nothing wrong with being a martyr.  But, sacrificing yourself for a problem that has no immediate solution smacks of a naive sense of right and wrong.   The problem of police violence in the minority community is well-documented and at the forefront of law enforcement thinking.

Kaepernick’s actions won’t bring an end to the problem.    The solution rests far outside of a NFL quarterback’s ability to address.  All future failures to stand during the National Anthem will do for him is cause him trouble.   I admire him, but feel sorry for him.  Unless other players join him, he has nowhere left to go.

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