The era of the self-made woman has come.

August 18th, 2016 by Ken

By Dale Cooper

It’s time for a woman to lead our nation.

After all, men have made a proper mess of things.  Look around you – – global businesses that make “country of origin” a meaningless phrase; jobs sailing overseas; nationalism ascending; barbarians descending upon vast swathes of our land; sadistic killers slaying tens of thousands of those who will not kneel before them and their god; millions of refugees seeking land where they are not welcome; warlike tyrants fingering the triggers of long-range missiles tipped with nuclear weapons; and ancient Asian empires reclaiming past glory and power.

Yes, without a doubt, considering the rotten state of affairs the boys have gotten us into, we need a strong, plain-talking, courageous woman at the helm of our ship – – one with the heart of Mother Teresa and the steel backbone of Patton.

That person, I submit, is Hillary Clinton.  She has literally personified the “new woman” for over half a century.  Although aged now, her vision was forged in the flame of 1970’s feminism and propelled her to successively become a lawyer, an influential public figure, a philanthropist of global reach, a federal senator, a Secretary of State, and the Democratic Party nominee for president.

What more could you want?

But, if you want more – here it is.   She’s been tried, tested and she perseveres.  She’s run the gauntlet of vast right wing conspiracies, thwarted health care initiatives, a philandering husband, accusations of malfeasance and felonious behavior, slandered by right wing radio messiahs and a tangle of mistruths caused by a  mysterious “short circuit” that sometimes confuses her.

Hillary is tough as spent uranium.   Surely that’s the stuff of a Commander in Chief.

Of course, as with all of us, she has her critics.   There are those who do nothing but complain about her – – like those who point out an advantageous marriage that propelled her upward; that without her spouse Bill, then governor, she’d still be a small time lawyer in Arkansas, that she wouldn’t have made her legendary financial killling without that connection; or if she handn’t “stood by her man” despite public embarrassment she’d be nothing more than a footnote in history,

Those complainers grouse about her refusal to release transcripts of speeches she gave to the Wall Street crowd – – but why should she?   After all, they paid her, we didn’t.   In fact, their munificence was astounding, but she is you see, a financial genius, someone who went from “flat broke”  into the top one-tenth of one percent of the nation’s wealthy within a few short years of leaving the White House “flat broke.”

It’s just sour grapes.  It’s just the last roar of some misanthropic geriatric lions who have but few roars left in them.   They’re the same rotten bunch of misogynists who’ve continually tried to bring her down for more than half a century.

The plain fact is – – they hate women.   All of their blather about character and patriotism and incompetence – – is just a con.  Don’t believe it.  They’ve tried to silence her and her feminst friends for over 50 years – – but those days are over – starting now.

A new day is dawning.   The era of the self-made woman has come.   And that woman is Hillary.

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