What’s in a name?

August 16th, 2016 by Ken

Some times you can learn more about this country if you ignore the big stories and focus on the little stories.   That’s what I did recently when I read my local newspaper.   I looked over the list of births.   That led me to look at the obituaries.  I found that this country is changing.

Changing in the aspect that our citizens will have different names in the future.   Here’s what I mean.

These are the names of babies born in local facilities last week :  Jaylah – Harrison – Weylyn – Alaric – Vivian – Baris – Crixus – Matthias – Ace – Ellie – Tidus.

These are the first names of local residents who died last week:  Charles – Dawn – Florence – Mary – Robert – Charles – Elizabeth.

What does this mean?   I have no idea.   Social scientists can probably make something of it.   I just thought it was interesting.

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