Don’t shoplift in Lacey

August 12th, 2016 by Ken

Uniformed Lacey police officers are patroling at least one local store, at the request of the store.

Lacey Police Chief Dusty Pierpoint said the patrols started  inside Fred Meyers about three weeks ago, after store ownership requested the presence of uniformed officers.  “It’s a fairly common practice in Pierce County and Fred Meyer uses uniformed officers there. Shoplifting has become a major problem and Fred Meyers requested a police presence at its Lacey store,” Pierpoint said.  “We average about one shoplifting complaint a day amoung all of our Lacey merchants.”   In 2015, there were 351 reported cases of shoplifting in Lacey.

Lacey police are often employed in private businesses.   Pierpoint said that overtime work is common for police officers.

Those working overtime are paid through the normal city process of overtime.   The city is then reimbursed by the store owner or the person requesting private police help.

Pierpoint said that property crimes, such as shoplifting, are often over-looked in the normal process of keeping the public safe. “Some people think that those who commit property crimes shouldn’t go to jail.   “In Lacey, we book every shoplifter we encounter,” Pierpoint said.

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