Why I’m voting for Hillary Clinton – She’s a Financial Genius

August 9th, 2016 by Ken

By Dale Cooper

There are lots of reasons to cast your vote for Hillary Clinton this November.  She’s a remarkable individual.   In fact, according to none other than Barrack Obama, she’s more qualified for the presidency than Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt or Obama himself.

There’s no doubt about it.  Hillary has an incomparable arsenal of talents honed to perfection over decades of meaningful public service.  It all but makes Obama’s hyperbole sound  – stingy.

Consequently, here are the reasons I’ll be with Hill this November, and so should you.

Her financial acumen.

It’s absolutely mind-boggling.  It’s epic.  Why, when leaving the White House, she was, by her own admission – – flat broke.   Now, just 15 short years later Hillary is worth more than $31,000,000.   That’s 30 big ones.   And she made it all in her spare time.

Her real job during that period was representing New York State in the US Senate (six years), campaigning for the presidency (two years) Secretary of State (four years) and campaigning to be top dog again (two plus years).

No matter what side of the partisan divide you may lay claim to, you’ve got to admit that her’s is a most extraordinary feat, one that should vault her to the pinnacle of “The Wall Street Journal’s”  Hall of Fame.  Not only because she cleared $2,000,000 a year effortlessly – – that’s chicken feed to these Street people – – nope, because she did it while doing her day job of selflessly serving the public to make New York, the United States and the entire world, a better place for all of us.

Now, that’s a remarkable accomplishment.  It’s not too often someone can do so much good for others while simultaneously doing so much good for herself.   It’s close to miraculous.  It’s as if Mother Teresa and Andrew Carnegie had a child called Hillary.   It’s Homeric, truly the stuff of legend.

P.S.  While Hill was busy making her $31,000,000, husband Bill accumulated $80,000,000 while also doing buckets of good through the Clinton Foundation – – run by and operated by family and friends of Bill and Hill.



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