Ignorant voters to determine election outcome

August 3rd, 2016 by Ken

The first votes have been counted and the educated and informed voter has spoken.   But those leading their respective races should be looking over their shoulders for this evenings vote count – – particularly if they’re a Republican or a conservative.

History has shown us that the uninformed, the ignorant voter will have his day.   It is his vote which will determine who makes it to the primary ballot and who stays home.  And, his vote will be counted today.

We’ve always had ignorant voters, we just didn’t know who they were because everybody voted on the same day.  But every since we went to Vote By Mail, it has been easy to tell the educated voter from the ignorant voter.  Generally the educated voter casts his ballot by the first weekend.  It is those ballots which were counted last night.    The uneducated voter cast his ballot on the last weekend – some even yesterday.   They weren’t included in the vote total last night.   They will be counted today.

The educated voter spent time studying the issues and the candidates.   He probably had a significant stake in the outcome.   When his ballot arrived in the mail, he filled it out and mailed it back quickly.    The ignorant voter didn’t really care about the election but received a ballot.   The media, the political parties and his friends urged him to vote.   It is everyone’s responsibility to vote, he was told and you should vote.

The ignorant voter didn’t really know who to vote for.  He may have an opinion on one or two races, but most of the names on his ballot were unfamiliar to him.   So he looked for names he recognized, or he voted for a particular party.   That’s why the Democrats urge a large voter turnout.   A majority of the ignorant voters seem to vote for Democrats.

So, if you’re a Republican, or a Republican running as an independent – – tonight’s vote will determine your fate.  You better hope you have a large enough lead to hold off those ignorant voters.

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