I’m giving Zita the benefit of the doubt

July 25th, 2016 by Ken

I’m not certain what the purpose was of Olympia Port Commissioner E.J. Zita calling for a public meeting on military shipments at the Port of Olympia.

I hope the move on her part was designed to educate and inform – – her stated goals.  I hope it wasn’t to gather resistance to the shipment as many suspect.

Military shipments at the port have been few, but the last one drew protesters and gave Olympia a black eye.  Zita said her meeting was to bring the sides together and try to stop any future protests.   I hope that was her reasoning.   The military is an important part of our community.    Anti-military protests do nothing but cast Olympia in a bad light and do nothing to achieve any stated goals.

I have two thoughts.    The Port of Olympia should change its name.   That would separate the port from the city.

Then, respond to the city’s on-line poll and tell them what you think.

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