Mother Nature always finds a way

July 19th, 2016 by Ken

When the first Europeans came to North America they were astounded by the magnificent forests and abundant wildlife.

Then, they began to clear the forest and kill the wildlife.  By the beginning of the 20th Century a good portion of the forest had been cleared for farms, homes and cities.   And a good portion of the wildlife had been killed or forced to move to what forest was left.

But, Mother Nature, is a funny beast.  She always has the last word.   As we built homes and cities, we also planted trees and flowers and shrubs and gardens.

And those trees and flowers and shrubs and gardens began attracting wildlife.   All across this country deer – – of all types and sizes – – have moved into the suburbs and made themselves at home.

Northwesterners learn quite quickly that deer are attracted to particular plants and flowers.  We have learned what to plant and what to fence.  Deer don’t like daffodils and those yellow flowers predominate in local gardens.   We also build fences – – deer fences – – but deer have adapted and learn to get over, around or through those fences.

But, it’s not just deer.   Here in Thurston County raccoons are a constant presence.   They live in backyards, eat plants and garbage and whatever food is around.   And, like deer, leave their feces around the yard.   I know, I have a family of raccoons in my back yard.   Their piles of waste are all over the ground.   I’ve seen them in the early morning, drinking from by bird bath.

I also have a possum which lives somewhere.   I see this ugly looking creature in my yard more than I want to.

But, last week, a herd of deer – – more than two but less than five – – found their way into my yard.

I have a five foot fence around my house in downtown Lacey.  But somehow they found their way into my back yard.  By the time I saw them they had eaten my tomato plants, made a meal out of every apple they could reach and even devastated my raspberries.

It just goes to show that no matter what we do to our natural surroundings, Mother Nature always has the last word.

Now, when I can I shoot them?

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