You got your ballot – now what?

July 16th, 2016 by Ken

You should have received your Primary Ballot in the mail this past week.   If you haven’t, call the Thurston County Elections Office at  786-5408.

It’s a ballot filled with dozens of names of candidates running for statewide and local elective positions.  I’ve got to confess that even I don’t know all of the people running for office this year.  But I do know most of those seeking local elective office and have interviewed many of them on my Podcast “Coffee With Ken.”

If you know who you’re going to vote for – – do it.  But, if you’re only voting for someone on the basis of party affiliation or on the sound of their name, then you’re a menace to the democratic process.   Here’s what I would suggest you do.   Talk with someone who knows more than you do about politics. Ask for their advice.

Click on the “Coffee With Ken” button at the top of this page.   I’ve interviewed everyone running for county commissioner and many of those running for the legislative seats.   As a last resort, leave that position blank on your ballot.   Please don’t consult your Local Voters’ Pamphlet.   That’s your worse source of non-bias information.  It’s written by the candidates themselves and can’t be trusted.   It’s no better than a piece of campaign trash.

The election isn’t until August 2.  You have two weeks to learn more about the candidates.   Take that time to do so.  Don’t lose your ballot.  Put it some place where you can find it later.   If you’re going to vote, be an educated voter.   Otherwise, throw it in the trash right now.

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