Who’s drawing the line?

July 11th, 2016 by Ken

There’s almost a straight line from San Francisco to Olympia with a stop in Seattle.

Follow my logic on this one.

A $15 minimum wage first rose in the San Francisco area.   Seattle adopted such a wage and Olympia toyed with the idea of doing so as well.   Then San Francisco banned plastic bags.  Seattle followed suit and then Olympia forced all of us residents of Tumwater and Lacey to do so as well.

Now, San Francisco has banned all Styrofoam such as coffee cups, foam coolers, kiddie wadding pools and even those peanuts used in shipping.   It won’t be long before Seattle adopts the same concept and by 2018, I’m certain they will be banned in Olympia.

Such ideas don’t emerge from the wind.   They follow a trend.   People move and bring their ideas with them.   That’s the case here.   We are being inundated with Californians.   They are moving from their former paradise to the Northwest in numbers not seen since the 1980’s.  Forced out of Eden by droughts, high taxes and undesirables –  they find their new heaven in Washington and Oregon.

It’s estimated than as many as 10,000 Californians move to the Northwest every month.   They settle in Seattle driven by the high tech jobs available.   They eventually make their way south across the river where they find cheaper land for their houses and a cheaper cost of living.  Of course, they bring their ideas with them.   They want to make this a paradise like it used to be in California.

And thus, the line is drawn.

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