Where’s our priorities?

July 6th, 2016 by Ken

The new Washington State Patrol head quarters building is rising on Capitol Way.  When finished, this building will house the state patrol and all of its staff and top brass.

The cost – – around $700 million.

Meanwhile, state patrol troopers complain about pay and point to the fact that they are compensated below their compatriots in our major cities.   And, state patrol chief John Batiste says that he is having trouble filling the ranks as  senior patrol officers retire.

It seems to me that $700 million dollars will pay for a lot of new officers.

Somehow we have misplaced priorities of government.    Is a new office building a priority over public safety?

And, don’t tell me salaries of state patrol officers and a new state office building are from different funding sources.   Government transfers monies between funds all of the time.

But – at least half of the line troopers will receive new uniforms.

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