Democrats won’t be fooled again

June 28th, 2016 by Ken

Local liberal Democratic blogger Emmett O’Connell has been reviewing the results of the 2014 Thurston County Commission election and has found that Bud Blake won votes in liberal precincts because he called himself an Independent.

O’Connell contends that enough Democrats were fooled by that label, that they voted for Blake because he represented change.   O’Connell says they didn’t know that Independent was a stalking label for Republicans.

While he didn’t say so in his findings, it can be assumed that because John Snaza ran as an Independent for Thurston County Sheriff, that his label translated into votes for Blake.

O’Connell says now that Blake has been exposed as a Republican – – and that two other candidates running for county commission as Independent – – are merely Republicans using the Independent label as a cover.

He says that Democrats won’t be fooled again.

(O’Connell’s blog Olympia Time can be accessed on line.)


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