Make America Great – When – Again?

June 27th, 2016 by Ken

Donald Trump has been proclaiming that if we elect him as president, he’ll “Make America Great Again.”

There’s do doubt that since the beginning of the 21st Century, the prestige of America has declined.   Millions of jobs have gone to other countries, corporations are moving their headquarters overseas to avoid American taxes and our standing in the world as a world leader has deteriorated – significantly since President Obama took over.

There’s much to be done and someone needs to provide leadership.

But, when Trump calls for making America great again – – we have to ask – – When?   To what period of time do we want to go back to.

Maybe we should go back to the 1950’s- when this country was the dominate player in the world.   Most of the other countries were still trying to recover from the devastation of World War Two and America had come out of that war – as the only major power in the world.

American factories, which had been turning out war material in vast numbers, were turned to producing consumer goods and new refrigerators, television sets and automobiles poured out the doors of the factories.   New houses were going up by the thousands every day and the roads and freeways to move to them were being constructed across the country.  Millions of jobs were created by the consumer demand and any white man that wanted a job could get one.

Is that the time Donald Trump wants to return to?

Don’t forget that women were relegated to the home.   Minorities were unseen and persecuted.  And you could go to prison for being gay.

Our natural resources were being plundered to provide the necessary materials for the factories, and childhood diseases ran rampant through our schools and homes.

It was a great time for America – – if you were a white male.

Is that the time Donald Trump wants to return to?  I think he should spell out what he means by “great” and “again”.   It’s a nice slogan that fits well on a hat and a campaign sign – – but what does it mean?


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