When is summer?

June 20th, 2016 by Ken

When does summer begin?   According to scientists Summer arrived at 3:43 p.m. PDT today.   But the arrival of summer comes at different times for different people.

For the gardener,  summer arrived when the nightime temperature was 50 degree, warm enough to plant the warm weather crops. without the seeds rotting.  For kids, summer started on Tuesday of this past week when school got out.   For the cooks and fruit lovers, summer started when the strawberries became ripe.  This year they went on sale on May 27.

For some, summer started with Memorial Day weekend.  The few hot days we had following that holiday was proof that summer started.   For those long time residents we know when summer really starts.   It starts right after the Fourth of July holiday when we enter our two month drought, which turns our laws brown and our skin red.

But, whenever summer starts for you – enjoy the season.   And, if you plan to stay home,  come to Lacey and join in the two weeks long Lacey Days, or stay the whole year and participate in the various celebrations of the city’s 50th birthday.

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