Balsley’s laws of consulting

June 3rd, 2016 by Ken

Several friends of mine are retiring in the near future and are looking at supplementing their income by doing consulting work.  For someone who has been working as a consultant for more than 30 years, I’ve drafted some advice for all of those contemplating this business form.

Advice is worth what they pay for it.   Free advice is worth nothing.  The more they pay for it, the more they appreciate it.

You can’t spend too much time with a client.   It’s the way to find out what they really want – – and you can always charge them for the time.   Find out what they want – and give it to them.

It’s always better to get your money up front.   A reasonable retainer guarantees a long term relationship.   Drafting an employment contract is the hardest work your will do.

Remember – out-of-town consultants are always worth more.

With that advice under your belt, go out and land those contracts – – just stay away from mine.

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