Rush Limbaugh made Donald Trump possible

May 20th, 2016 by Ken

By Dale Cooper

You might say that Rush Limbaugh has played the role of John the Baptist for The Donald.  He paved the way for Donald Trump.   He proved that being ideologically irreverent can pay off – – and pay off big time.

When Limbaugh re-invented talk radio about 30 years ago, he did so by ignoring mainstream American political thought and attacking its prevailing liberal narrative.  To everyone’s surprise – the more he attacked the higher his ratings climbed.

Ever since, Limbaugh has cobbled together a vast army of millions whom he’s rallied to rise up against the assorted evils – – ever-growing intrusions and ever-escalating costs – – of the nanny-state.   He has done so to greater and greater effect for over a generation now, during which time he’s created a groundswell of populist disgust at the self-serving fraud embraced by our ruling class.

He alleges that this inside-the-beltway oligarchy has been corrupted by wealth and power, the magnitude of which has not been seen since the glory days of mighty Rome.

And now Limbaugh’s rantings and ravings have become incarnate in one person – – Donald Trump.

They’re twins.  They’re both brash, in-your-face bullies.   They counter-punch harder than the first punch.   They’re both politically incorrect, retaliatory, insulting and outrageous.  They’re both revered, despised, lauded and reviled.  And, they both have an audience that’s measured in the millions – – and that keeps growing.

They’re both enthusiastic, bombastic and uncommonly frank.  They’re both loud, vain, egocentric and mega-successful.   They’re both aging, white, over-the-top, cock-sure angry American Originals – – and to top it off, they’re both highly entertaining.

Their popularity has continually frustrated and dumbfounded politicians, pundits, office-seekers, campaign gurus and the geriatric media – – and they’ve made them look lost, like wanderers trying to grope their way out of a cloud of swirling cyber dust.

They just don’t get The Donald.  However if ever they care to get him, they could simply give Rush a good listen.  They’d hear a point of view different from their own.  They’d understand that what some call hate, others call – – love of country.

They’d feel the pent-up anger ordinary Americans have for the lying, conniving and dissembling Washington political class – – and they’d know how and why American politics has mutated in such unimaginable ways.

It all comes down to Rush Limbaugh and his crusading apostle Donald Trump.

(Editors note:  I’ve never listened to Rush Limbaugh.)

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