Olympia has finally jumped the shark

May 19th, 2016 by Ken

If you want to know the difference between Olympia and Lacey – look no further than the recent action by the Olympia City Council.    By a 4-3 vote, the Olympia council has decided to proceed with an income tax for city residents.

Here’s the background.

A Seattle group – – Economic Opportunity Institute wanted to challenge the state’s ban on a state income tax.     They decided to find a test case and put it before the ultra-liberal Washington State Supreme Court, which they felt would  finally overturn the ban which had been in place since the Great Depression.

Since there is no income tax in the state, the Institute had to have one in order to have a test case.   They looked around for the most liberal city in the state and settled on Olympia – – which in 2010 was the only city in the state to approve a state sales tax initiative on the ballot.

Working with local liberal groups – – and finding the support of a majority of the Olympia City Council – – a new group called – – Opportunity for Olympia – – was formed.   This group has proposed a local city income tax on all household income of over $200,000.   The money raised would be used to help students with college expenses.

The measure is full of holes, inconsistencies and illegal actions – – but the Seattle group doesn’t care.   It only wants to get the measure on the ballot – – approved by city voters – – challenged by law – – and taken to the Washington State  Supreme Court where they think the liberal state court will approved an income tax.

The four Olympia Councilmembers supporting such a move should be ashamed of themselves for putting Seattle interests ahead of the taxpayers of Olympia – – who will have to pay the legal fees to institute and defend the measure.

This is progressive silliness at its worse.  Olympia has finally jumped the “shark.”   (If you don’t know what that is – – Google it.)


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